Apps for Android to Help You Track and Stop Snoring

Have you ever heard someone complain about you snoring while you’re asleep? Snoring may not bother you, but surely it can be quite annoying for others. You probably haven’t realized that you snore, but it is well known it can even lead to some health risks or it could be just one of a series of symptoms of another medical condition.

You can easily find out if you snore and at what point in your sleeping time this happens. Go check this website for more information about Snoring Here we have for you:

The 5 best apps for Android to find out if you are a snorer

Sleep Talk Recorder

Did you speak something or snore in your sleep last night? Sleep Talk Recorder will help you monitor your sleep and record whatever happens to you. It has a superior filtering function that qualifies sounds and triggers Sleep Talk Recorder technology in a millisecond.
Your recordings each night are saved as history so you can easily browse and sort them to review them later. This app can record in 16bit 16kHz HiFi sound.


SnoreClock will help you determine whether you snore or not. Put your smartphone at your bedside and start the app. You will know for sure in the next morning.
SnoreClock records all noises during your sleep and shows red bars at the point where you most likely snore. You can use it to monitor if you snore, if your partner snores, if you talk in your sleep, if something disrupts your sleep and much more.

Dream Watcher

Dream Watcher is an app designed to help people with sleeping problems. Just leave your mobile device nearby when you sleep, and the app will do the work.

Dream Watcher will allow you keep track of snoring and night sounds as well as help you schedule relaxing music at a time to help you sleep peacefully. You can choose the music genre from classic, meditation, whales sounds to water sounds and the app will slowly turn the volume down as you go falling asleep then shut down the volume to monitor sounds.


SnoreLab was created to help people who have problems with snoring, as well as their partner. The app provides noise frequencies that detect snoring and puts a stop to it by emitting sounds through your snoring.
SnoreLab provides a catalog of pre-recorded sounds and also enables you to record your own, these sounds will disrupt the snorer’s sleep and prevent the snoring from happening again.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Deep Sleep plays relaxing guided meditation music designed to clear your mind and allow you to sleep soundly. What you need to do is put your headphones on and go right to sleep while the app is running. Over fifty thousands of users have used this app on Android to change and improve their lives. This app will help you beat insomnia and get a good night’s rest.

If you want to know more about snoring and what causes it, click to see the video.