Buying Clothes for a Baby When the Gender Is Unknown

a onsie for a baby boyMany parents are concerned about how their baby will be perceived by other people after it is born and how feminine or masculine the child will be as it grows up. With babies, it is hard to tell whether they are a boy or girl unless they are dressed in a certain way.
Parents often start early in letting people know that they have a little boy or girl and in trying to help that child fit into the cultural norms for their gender. But there are times when the parents don’t know what gender the baby will be before it is born and they need to buy baby clothes.
Maybe they didn’t want to know the gender ahead of time or they weren’t able to get a concrete analysis from the ultrasound technician when they went for scans. Whatever the case may be, they can’t have their baby coming home to a house with no clothes in it for them, so they need to buy at least some clothes in advance. Even if they know the baby’s gender ahead of the birth, there is still the possibility that they will be wrong when the baby comes out. There are numerous cases where people got the gender wrong and only realized that at birth.
The solution to this problem is to buy clothes that are gender neutral, or unisex. That often means greys instead of pinks or blue. White, pastels and other colors that aren’t blue or pink are generally acceptable as well. The trick is to not buy a lot of them if there is any uncertainty about the baby’s gender. That way, when the gender is known, the parents can then go buy as many clothes as they need.
Moat people will want to buy either primarily girl clothes or primarily boy clothes for their new baby, so it’s safe to just buy a few gender neutral looks to start with and then go from there once the baby is born.
Baby boy onesies and baby girl socks can wait until the gender has been found out, and until then, parents can make due by shopping on sites like baby boy onesies to find a great selection of clothes that are for boys, for girls or for both.