Attempted Murder Charges And How Do They Work

Of all crimes existing in our society, none of them are more serious than the crime of murder and its intention of taking away a human life. The crime of attempted murder can be sentenced when a person tries to commit murder and intends to carry out the task, but for any reason, is unable to accomplish it. Like murder itself, attempted murder is also a serious crime that comes with severe penalties in the criminal justices system. If someone you know or you have been sentenced for attempted murder charges, and you are looking to post a bail, click here for professional services and assessment.

Here are some of the elements of attempted murder:

A requirement of direction:

Any act that is directly done in furtherance of intent to kill is a direct step. The require direct step must consist of using a weapon against another person such as a knife or gun and it also includes soliciting and paying someone to kill another person. Like murder, attempted murder is charged as either first or second-degree offense.  First -degree murder is when a person intentionally tried to kill someone and second-degree attempted murder is when the accused did not mean to kill the victim.

  • Stalking: This involves hiding out in waiting, tracking the victim down or following him/her hoping for a chance to commit the murder.
  • Luring: This includes trying to convince the victim to come to a particular place or take specific actions that it will make it possible for the victim to be murdered.
  • Breaking-in: Sneaking into a home or property or any other location where the victim is or could be.
  • Constructing: Collecting all the materials necessary fo the murder such as parts of a bomb and start putting them together.
  • Soliciting: Paying to someone else to execute the murder, or convincing an unknowing person to carry out an essential part of the crime.

Punishments for attempted murder:

Attempted murder will always be considered as a felony crime, and most states typically impose a prison sentence equal to about half the penalty associated with a murder conviction. If you are convicted of attempted murder, these are some of the penalties for it:

  • If the attempted murder involved a firearm, you will face ten additional years in state prison for using the gun but not firing it, 20 extra years in state prison for firing the gun and 25 years in life imprisonment if you caused great bodily injury to someone by using the weapon.
  • Criminal street gang enhancement subjects you to an additional 15 years in life imprisonment sentence.
  • Attempted murder convictions impose a penalty of $10,000 or more.

Attempted murder is one of the more severe charges that anyone could face with the high potential to ruin your life regardless of the reasons why you are convicted. If you don´t want to see yourself or the one you love to go to prison, contact a bail bond agent and most important, a qualified criminal defense attorney to give you legal advice. This video is an example of attempted murder and the consequences of it.